Part 3: The Run

The Course

105 miles of trail running starting from the Tie Fork Rest Area, in Tucker, UT.  87% of the run course will be above 7500ft of elevation (2200m).  The run will be mostly on dirt roads east of Provo (94 miles of dirt road, 10 miles of trail, 1 mile of pavement).  Expect greater than 14,000 ft (4250m) of climbing.



Rules will be the same as the bike portion: Support crews will be allowed to interact with their runners at any point along the course.  Pacing is allowed at any point on the run, and encouraged on the trail section of the Long Course.

Crews may pick their runners up, but if a runner leaves the course with their crew, they must return to the same point on the course before continuing the race.

The Finish

The race will finish at the Camelot Resort in Fruitland, Utah.  We have a pavilion and campsites rented out and will be hosting the private post-race party.

All entrants and their crews/families/friends are free to use the campsites and join in the party as we welcome finishers

Camelot Resort

Strawberry River Rd

Fruitland UT 84027

Phone (801) 641-2798