Part 2: The Bike


Riders will cover 248 miles of mountain biking, moving north from the Bullfrog Marina at the Arizona/Utah border.  The ride will conclude at the Tie Fork Rest Area in Tucker, UT.

Nearly the entire bike course is on dirt roads navigating through Capitol Reef National Park and the Manti-La Sal National Forest.

The ride will feature a significant portion of the famed Skyline Drive, with views from multiple sections above 10,000ft elevation (3000m).

Expect greater than 21,000 ft (6400m) of climbing.




Riders should choose either a mountain bike or a hybrid/cyclocross bike.  You will be free to change wheels and components as you choose.  However: you will be required to ride the same frame throughout the Part.

The ride will be largely non-technical, but course conditions can vary greatly.  A mountain bike is your best bet.


Your support crew will be free to interact with you at any point along the ride.

Crews will be required to escort their riders on two short paved sections.


Crews may feed, hydrate, or interact freely with their riders.  If a rider leaves the course with their crew, they must return to the same point on the course before continuing the race.

Crews accompanying their riders must be in a follow position.  Not beside, not in front.  No drafting, no magic spanners.  Be fair.


Race officials will be in two to three commissaire cars, posting up at various surprise points along the course.


Riders can carry  a tent or fly on their bike and rest along the course as you desire.  You may also arrange to meet your crew along the course to sleep/camp

Short Course

Riders doing the short course will turn off upon reaching I-70.  Crews will transport their riders to Tie Fork to start the run.