Support Crews


On-course aid will not be provided by the organizers.  We will be focused on safety and officiating.  We'll have emergency support but can't be out there with everyone to keep you moving.

You need to bring a crew.  Pick smart people who you trust to take care of you.


One to two road vehicles to meet you at points along the course to provide water, food, and shelter as needed.  

Crews will need to have an off-road capable vehicle: truck or SUV, e.g.  ATV/OHV are great if you have one or rent one.

Crew Chiefs

Each participant MUST designate a Crew Chief.  The Chief will serve as your official point of contact during the race.  In the event of emergencies or weather, we will contact the Chief.

This needs to be a person you trust, who is capable of coordinating crew members, food and water, gasoline stops, hotel time, and above all... your race effort.

We strongly suggest you rent a sat-phone for your Crew Chief to ensure constant communication access.