Meet the RD, Brandon Mader

The Nutshell

Brandon is a national-class trail runner, a descent age grouper on the mountain bike, and a lifelong kayaker.

He's also a husband, a board certified Medical Physicist, a respected MUT coach, a volunteer fireman, and plays in a band. He writes textbooks and codes AI because, well why the hell not?  He's wicked fun and wicked hard.  



In 2002 at the age of 17, Brandon directed his first race, a 5k to raise money for the fire department.   Since then he's directed or co-directed over 30 events.  Every one has raised money for a cause.

He's been the lead man for multi-day stage races, trail marathons, and road races.  A frequent volunteer in the community he's swept ultras, been the aid station coordinator for the Rocket City Marathon, and spent over 100 hours building trails, among dozens of other tasks.

If there is one thing he's good at: It's organizing complex activities.


Safety and fairness in the spirit of competition are always Brandon's top priorities. You'll get the best organized and most thoroughly planned adventure of your life.

What's more; you'll get a multi-day odessey in the American West knowing your RD is 100% focused on you and your success.